[Verse 1]
They cock them hammers, wave them llamas
But that’s that in front of the camera drama
So when the cameras are attached to dollys, I call them dali lama’s
Mold me, loathe, hold me in the palm of your hand load me

You know exactly what I am, murderer!
When I’m inserted on to the top of fifteen family members
It’s the curse of the proverbial anarchy starter the martyr
This is what I have been converted to do what I do is insanity
Pro fo fo fanity when they manually hammer me annually

You dont figitty phase me yo, I won’t tigitty tase you bro
Figgity fucking cut you in half like it’s nothing minus the laser scope
Then I will ring your bell like Avon
Before displaying some of my various tattoos (Trayvvon)
(Oscar) award winning (Aiyana Jones) hey (Sean)
Sworn to be cannon fodder for your father slaughter daughters
Armor piercing tumblers more deadlier than napalm

Fuck a stray bullet, I take aim when the gun draws
For ever lasting fame I will maim those who change the gun laws
Cause post traumatic stress disorder — ask any vet I’ve worked with
My purpose catching bodies like safety nets at the circus……

[Verse 2]
Nigga I will twist your liver like Oliver (TWIST)
Scratch your name off my calendar, see that was me thru a silencer
What you just heard was a 44 caliber now you can fill in the blanks
I will pillage your town killing them with dillinger rounds
Now fill in the clip cause im willing to flip
See I’m sort of certified I’m fortified live
You would be mortified if I would put on screen what I’ve seen
Horrified holy Bibles rifles vital organs
Little bitty baby body bridal gowns coffins
Morphine gang bang gangrene slauson swap meet
Meet greet pop I don’t sleep I don’t stop
I love hate, hate cops. That’s why I laugh when they pull it
I’m motivated and crass im so elated when I see them on the news
They flying the flag half mass
See there’s no need for conversation
When we’re discussing the bullets point of view

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