Here is Niners In Paris Lyrics performed by Ashkon

what up san francisco!
i swore i wasn’t gonna do this
but y’all convinced me
let’s go!

harbaugh so hard put em up for the niners
got the city right behind you
who the 5-time nfl super bowl champs?
could you please remind us?
harbaugh so hard smith to davis
instant classic for the ages
us 36, saints 32
ain’t exactly what they picked in vegas
harbaugh so hard it’s a big win
we ain’t even supposed to be here
harbaugh so hard, since we here
after one thing’ll be clear
that’s a title, you’re liable
to get stifled: big hits
bowman, willis, rogers, pick 6
harbaugh so hard turn back the clock
jerry rice, ronnie lott
joe cool, steve young, just a few hall of famers that we’ve got
harbaugh so hard let’s stop cruz
manningham be locked up too
if you was hit like pierre was hit, you probably gonna cough the ball up too
you probably gonna cough the ball up too!
let’s get faded, raiders fans probably hate it
gold bottles, red labels, y’all can talk but we still playin
harbaugh so hard now let’s go!
just might let you meet joe
frisco’s scarface, taking the trophy back home!

harbaugh so hard put em up for the niners!
alex (that smith cray) justin (that smith cray)
alton (that smith cray)

they say you ain’t been in nothing, not at all
i guess you better be careful what you call
come and meet us at candlestick park
we’ll show you why we deserve to win it all

harbaugh so hard that smith cray, make him play!
harbaugh so hard, where we from? from the bay!
harbaugh so hard, so where you’ll go, and where you’ll be?
act like you never get a chance to be repping your team again

superbowl, yes we can
go for broke, it’s our chance
excuse my hope, but
i’m just sayin: we could win!
speaking of superbowl rings
not that you askin
but montana got more than eli and payton manning
what’s shining my digger?
gold mine in the river?
yeah we going for gold, it’s 49ers forever
talking crabtree and gore, akers, goldson, and whitner
got my niners in paris, and it’s giants for dinner! haah!

i don’t know what that means!
nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative!

harbaugh so hard put em up for the niners!

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