Here is BOWSER LYRICS performed by CHIS WEBBY.

Call me bowser, hit them on the floor like a boss bitch
It’s inevitable that you step into my level then you get end up with a loss bitch
Line in the sand, I’ve crossed it
Grinding till I’m exhausted
Never gonna put the mic down, I’m here right now
So what you want, bitch?
Still here cause I flow grind, mixtape shits since ’09
Only white dud in the game, who made it this far
Without a co sign
Baby and now it’s show time, they telling me that it’s your time
Freestyle in my destiny, bitches I never rolled my
So … my fucking name cause know we not the fucking same
I’m fucking for my life and the title just like the hungry game
Had to get … my succes…
Any time a beat gets killed, they looking for me
Cause they know I’m a suspect
Leaving competition upset, grabbing they girl then we fuck yes
They stepping at me in a battle when winning
That’s like…cats on a drug test
Shit will not happen, ready for action
Grabbing a mic and I’m getting it cracking
No need for the bragging I know that I’m dope
And homie you ain’t even a fraction
Or what I can do, I’m coming for you
And steadily killin the rappin
So fuck it, I’m through …
Taking bottles to the…be haning with dust pants
So slow it down, sippin on my …
Crack inside of Webby’s world like polly…
I roll it ain’t a fire, just so it can take me higher
Molten lava flow and smoking my volcano vaporizer
I had the … cause rap is full of politics
So all you politicians suck my dick until you swallow it
My dreams must have a Twitter account, cause I’ma follow it
And anyone or everything in my way, I’ll demolish it

Motherfucking monster, steady ripping and …
…into the chopper… breaking better than …
…flow, …spitting it so, out of control…
Keep the bitches… I stick and I go
I’m better than you, no matter how you try to figure it bro
The villain is back, given a track
Won’t stop till I got a million in cash…
But different rhythm…listen to that
So Mario, should do his cardio
And grab a flower, cause you’ll need to throw some fireballs
If you gonna step to bowser, yeah.

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