“Dungdungwen Kanto (Lullaby of Love)”

Dungdungwen kanto unay unay,
Indayonen kanto iti sinamay
Tultuloden kanto’t naalumanay
Pagammuanen inka mailibay
I will love and cherish you always
I will cradle you to sleep in a soft-cloth swing
I will swing you ever so gently
And soon enough you will be asleep
Apaman nga inkanto makaturog
Iyabbongkonto ta rupam daytoy paniok.[2]
Tapnon dinakanto kagaten ti lamok
Ken maimasmonto’t maturog.
As soon as you have fallen asleep
I will cover your face with my handkerchief
So no mosquitoes would bite you
And so you would enjoy a good slumber.
Apaman nga inkanto makariing
Dagdagusen kanto a sappuyoten
Nga ililili kas maysa nga ubing
Ta nanamem sam-it ni issem.
As soon as you awaken,
I would immediately hold you
And dandle you like an infant
So you could see my sweet smile
Annay, pusok, annay annay
Nasaem, naut-ut la unay.
Itdem kaniak ta pannaranay
Ta kaasiak a maidasay.
O, my aching heart, it aches, it aches,
It hurts badly, it hurts to the core.
So, please, please your nurture give
For it is pity if I would die.

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