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[Sticky] What’s Are Some of Your Favourite Male Soloist Title Tracks that were Released This Year?

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Here’s My List:

  1. Bambi by Baekhyun:

  2. U Mad by Bobby:

  3. IYAH by Kang Seungyoon:

  4. Feel Like by WOODZ:

  5. Advice by Taemin:

  6. Switch It Up by Jay B:

  7. Get You Alone by Baekhyun:

  8. Antidote by Kang Daniel:

  9. One In A Million by Mark Tuan:

  10. Got Like That by B.I x Destiny Rogers x Tyla Yaweh:

  11. Midnight Blue by B.I:

  12. Doll by Baekhyun and Doyoung:

  13. Freezing by Kangta:

  14. Cough Syrup by Kangta:

  15. Love% by Demian ft Dawn:

  16. Break Your Box by Chanyeol:

  17. Spider by Hoshi:

  18. Summeride by Jay Park:

  19. Lose by Wonho:

  20. God Damn by I.M:

  21. Rush Hour by Gaho:

  22. Magnetic by Rain, Jackson Wang:

  23. Side by Side by THE 8:

I’m going to stop right here before I go even more overboard! Lol ( But I might add a few more, too many good ones)


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