Song Title Album
Dahil Sa Pasko  Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Diwa ng Pasko  Sa Araw Ng Pasko (1995)
Himig Pasko Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Kahit Hindi Na Pasko Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Pasko Blues Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Pasko ang Damdamin Sa Araw Ng Pasko (1995)
Pasko na Naman Sa Araw Ng Pasko (1995)
Pasko Na Naman Kaibigan  Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Pasko Na Sinta Ko Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Sa Paskong Darating Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Sa Araw Ng Pasko Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)
Tuwing Pasko Diwa Ng Pasko (1994)

Are you familiar with the Christmas Songs played by Freddie Aguilar. List of Freddie Aguilar Christmas Songs The acoustic-styled “Sa Paskong Darating” (This Coming Christmas), moves at a slow, steady pace and builds wonderfully. The song tells of a man’s love for a woman, which is strong whether or not it’s Christmas, but has a special warmth during the Christmas season.

In 1994, folk/rock singer Freddie Aguilar released Diwa Ng Pasko (Spirit of Christmas), a Christmas album.

 The ballad, “Pasko Ang Damdamin” (The Feeling of Christmas), tells of the joyfulness a worker feels in coming home from an overseas job to see his family for Christmas. The songs are sung in Aguilar’s depth-filled, passionate manner, which has become a trademark for him. “Pasko Na Naman Kaibigan” (It’s Christmas Time Again) moves on a spirited gait, while the instrumentation to “Sa Araw Ng Pasko” (In the Day of Christmas) has a swinging, ’50s-styled ambience to it.

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