Quality Of Life Lyrics by Joe Budden (Prod. by The Klasix)

[Joe Budden]
Some niggas drink away the pain
I think of ways to gain
And it happens so naturally you think it’s pre-ordained
Straight? escape from that ball and chain
Can’t tell if I was in it for the long hall of fame wait
I’m laying low on the Island
Been learnt that saying no is a talent
Niggas want beef but keeping up is a challenge
Can’t tell if I’m tryna get even or find a balance
But I’m much closer I won’t front
Hoes love it, so so yet he’s so blunt
A charming asshole, want him all the same
Tell him I feel the ice as its forming in my veins
Chasing the high so much that we both hurting
To the point it aint even about the other person
So we’re even, I’m in love with her ray and her pussy
And she in love with the idea of what I could be
On top of the world but it’s higher to fall
Whats the point in dreaming big if you acquired it all
But if lyricism is back, I helped it spearhead
If we order ? make mine a year ahead
I skip the club line and don’t get turned around
For girls come at a high volume I don’t turn them down
No pregnant hoes and no minors
81 bars with Em as a co-signer
I fill the counter up without checking the cost yet
I ain’t rich my nigga but check the way I offset
Don’t get confused by the Bentleys and the Corvettes
Got stories from my hood that’ll rival those of war vets
Jersey city helped ‘im mould to what I amounted to
My only beef is that they don’t hold itself accoutanble so
A few resent me, but I’m cool with it
They handed me the city before I knew what to do with it
This last chick that I put under the wing
Has taught me the younger the age, the younger she think
I mean she shaped like a Stallion with bomb sex but don’t understand me
when I’m trying not to be complex
Done raising my voice, I aint with it
Whats the point of arguing if she aint gonna get it
Plus my future’s now, her’s is down the pipline
And thats the difference between a good time and a lifetime
But my current situation
is I keep meeting chicks that need a way outta their current situation
Some cool, some silly, some serious
They tryna come up, I’m tryna cum period
Nah, I don’t do the pick up lines
I give her the number to the chauffer with a pick up time
One week and it’s Vegas, the next week it’s ?
Hard to love a dude from ? when it come with that many perks
I need a sign she attracted to more than designer fabrics
If by chance I’m passed my prime I’m tryna lap it
Too many checks to deposit
Smoke too many bones, no skeletons in my closet
We’re talking rap off the work that I got
If I aint crack your top 10 you should reserve me a spot
Till then, I play the strip club and ? rocking
So when life flash before my eyes, it’s all worth watching
I’m ’bout honor and respect and boredom just made me rent a condo on the edge
If God gave me anything I was hoping for a ?
Try to quit, smoking more, just met her going raw
So how could we end up trusting eachother
When our bond started out with us judging eachother
Both fronting like yeah, we just fucking each other
But nobody getting fooled while we bluffing each other
Got one girl, got too much history with
Another thats never happy, too much misery with
Another that’ll gussle shots til she literally sick
And another that only text me to say “give me some dick”
I swear, how could you ever say Joe went soft
When if I tell you my problems, you think I’m showing off
I keep it quiet, it’s all covered at my end
My quality of life is pretty high end


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