Merengue Latin Band - Kulikitaka ti lyrics

A dog sticks out one paw, then the other, and ends its choreo by jerking from one side to the other at full speed to the rhythm of a catchy and fun theme. Surely you saw it or did it with your pet, or maybe you danced it activating different parts of your body at each cry of “Kuliki taka ti”. Did you know that this song was a great merengue hit back in the early 2000s? And what was created by a legend from the Dominican Republic? Here is his story.

Kulikitaka Challenge

In this part of the world few know him although thousands of young people from different parts of the country have moved their hips in recent months to the sound of their catchy subject. Of course, celebrities did not miss this challenge and from Sebastián Yatra to Daniel Craig, passing by James Rodríguez, Sergio Ramos, Selena Gomez or Bad Bunny, Tik Tok, Instagram and all social networks have seen this video in its different variants.