One Hope, One Dream Lyrics by Maria Lourdes Aragon

Have you heard the voice of hunger?
have you answered the cry of the poor?
have you seen the face of your brother?
have you held his hand?

look around and you’ll see
christ jesus in you and me
rebuilding lives with dignity
in peace we come in unity

one hope, one dream
one life, one people of god
one home, pne vision living as one

we go hand and hand together
creating a new world
building nations together
weaving all our dreams
standing side by side together
we shall never fall
gods light shining in love

i am the voice of new beginning
seeking, believing and restoring in love
fighting together we conquer
god’s people, we deliver

(repeat chorus)
living As One

Maria Aragon - One Hope, One Dream Lyrics, One Hope, One Dream Music Video


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