Otis Lyrics by Marvell

we’ll make you look really bad out there!
aha, oh my god!
…are crazy!
check! marvell’s back!
..bizarre, but d12…
proof, you see the flow is excellent, .. show me the move!
sexy chick ..you asked me,
she’s top ten, she always was, she always has been.
no care about her man, where he’s from and where has been,
all i know is that is she drives me crazy
my team!
…you’re just doing my gee
everything you got accommodated by sues
girls go trump.. rapping in the jacuzzi
and the next stop, off to the stadium,
slide a new… over the stage, kind of lazy
i’m the freshest… i got stunned by..
a man ..to stick you head…
what’s that?
swag six…
and its questions..
i’m in my… niggers put it in your chest..
see, you ask a lot of questions…
.. i could get ‘em touched with just a hand gesture
but we rather pop a toast, cause we’re about to…
..about to be a ruler, make your.. no sentimental,
life’s a bitch, but recently i haven’t seen her!
cause we’ve been going hard like they left us in the freezer,
get the two uncovered to this pressure on the street
you took your… why don’t i believe ya
i see the fear on your face, you’re looking like…
i’ll be up in a.. just looking for a diva,
and you want the hate on me, i gotta thank ya,
you should get pat on your back…
…to be the next future star…
you know i told ‘em i think i can’t…
..and face flat like a…
i wonder in the streets fighting for…
fires looking now like november the fifth,
..we’ll never gonna miss shit
you niggers got flow, is never gonna…
..wanna see some tricks you should have been…
..that’s that your new fortune teller predicts.
…let’s get our niggers…
..it’s like a twist…
i don’t wanna hear another remix!
Marvell - Otis LYRICS, Otis Music Video
Marvell – Otis Lyrics
Otis Music Video
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