“On a night when the moon peeks from the heavens, when the gentle breeze tries to awaken her from her slumber. A vision of purity, her hair flows like a wave. She is the muse of Pasig, whose every gesture is song and poetry. (the muse speaks) “I was once a princess in the kingdom of Love. When love died so did my kingdom. My strength has gone and now lives in your hearts. If you want me to live again, give me back my love!”

The Mutya ng Pasig folklore inspired kundiman composer Nicanor Abelardo to create the classical music poetry Mutya ng Pasig which tells about the sad fate of a woman who appears in the Pasig River during the full moon.

The song was written in 1926 and was inspired by the Kumintang, a traditional song from Batangas, a province in the Philippines, with Malayan rhythmic pat.

This song will forever live on the subconscious of Pasig natives on account of its haunting lyrics and melody and the effervescent romance that goes on between the city folk and the famous river. via:

Kung gabing ang buwan
sa langit ay nakadungaw;
Tila ginigising ng habagat
sa kanyang pagtulog sa tubig;
Ang isang larawang puti at busilak,
Na lugay ang buhok na animo’y agos;
Ito ang Mutya ng Pasig,
Ito ang Mutya ng Pasig.

Sa kanyang pagsiklot
sa maputing bula,
Kasabay ang awit,
kasabay ang tula;

Dati akong Paraluman,
Sa Kaharian ng pag-ibig,
Ang pag-ibig ng mamatay,
Naglaho rin ang kaharian.

Ang lakas ko ay nalipat,
Sa puso’t dibdib ng lahat;
Kung nais ninyong akoy mabuhay,
Pag-ibig ko’y inyong ibigay.


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