Here’s “NOT REAL” LYRICS performed by MYSONNE FEAT. JAY-Z.

Don’t talk to me Mc’s got skills
he’s alright but he’s not real

G’s alright but he’s not real x 8

You can rhyme a little bit
chime may shine a little bit
okay he might got a little chip
you could give all of that
we could buy them line and steal
He’s alright but he’s not real

He still a juicy iho never multi kilo
eh ain’t never shoot the gun never reload
yeah we know he’s a frog
before rap niggas once to get the bros
he never had aura, never had a quarter
..wonder to son and had a daughter
he ain’t even come and slide much
these niggas lie such
she the boy that sent to the store the butter dutch
tell em keep the change, borrow keep us chain
I’m a G sorry I don’t speak the lames
we don’t speak the same language fair
my note might be a favorite man but

G’s alright but he’s not real x 8

You got a little flow, that’s cool with me
you got a little dough that cool with me
you got a couple whips a real jewelery
but none of these mother fuckers is real like me
I give respect from the shooters
reflect with the booters,
stay fresh so I get neck from the cute us
they playin I really do this
to me this is life to damage just music
I spit you shit they just rat
I do what I do they just at
I seat back watching the laughing
they tell the story and none of that happen
and yeah I believe in them that’s so sad
he just see me all that’s all that
I’m who I said I was I’m so glad
I know this fake cast must be mad

G’s alright but he’s not real x 8

Fake fiction froze the fabricant
I can’t listen no ’cause I can’t relate
no ’cause I can’t relate, they rather make all these lines
the city so old these pies,
but I know better you niggas never move no keys
niggas probably had a few..probably move the T
with a hundred grams for another man
funny when a couple grand in the rubber band
brother man I can see through that
that’s why we don’t believe you blind
see you rap but the track what you be with them rats
and I ain’t never see them G do that
see we do facts, check the resume
they can never say nothing fake by me
real nigga every day you better pray on them
check y’all back ground G’s gonna say who that clown man
G’s alright but he’s not real x 8

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Mysonne feat Jay-Z Not Real Lyrics


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