Chamillionaire Ft. Miguel, Z-Ro – Sure Thing
Ballin Freestyle Lyrics by Phil Ade

I am Phil Ade

I know you see the ground soon i’ll be ballin
Is some never find nigga i’m new rollin
Not a big smoker but is social alcoholic
riding in the .. to cup me some ..
i’ma ..i’m a .. whatever you call it i’m in charge
they don’t doubt it puff my house you aint’ belong in my garage
Nigga spit they’re seeing me but they really see a ..
.. i call it Nicky Minaj
Well hit the club but less we can do it large pop some bottles
Grab some models hit the .. you ain’t jealous why don’t you tell us
Why you’re gazing up so hard
We would dope the same hand i’m just playin different cards
.. don’t’ get no shine .. b*tch don’t play no mine
if you got a problem hit my line, better better be work
..waste my time .. to get the .. coast it
..that’s my ..approaching i go smack it ..if i go tender ..
show me where the .. to roses, these niggas wana .. with my noses
new phones, Louie Vuitton clothes, my b*tch go both ways
suicide .. to brand keep the wagging and magnum on twenty foes
I think i’m doing too much ..sippin the two cuts
Get the tell the girl cause i don’t care i give it ..
If you ain’t ..don’t want no party ..
I’m ..i’m under me and the real .. so the i’m ballin
Phil Ade Ballin Freestyle Lyrics, Ballin Freestyle Official Music Video
Phil Ade – Ballin Freestyle Lyrics
Ballin Freestyle Music Video


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