Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On Me lyrics

First we were lost in the desert, but now there’s rain. Lady Gaga has released the video for “Rain on Me,” the second song off her new album Chromatica, featuring and co-starring Ariana Grande.

The video is a further step into the “world” of Chromatica, as Gaga has described, after her video for the single “Stupid Love” which found Gaga and her dancers having a spacey dance party in the middle of the desert. (And the new song itself is slays, but we’ve known that for 13 hours now.) Gaga’s pink-clad dancers are back, and they meet a group of purple dancers led by Ari during a rainstorm of daggers. Then they do what people tend to do in the world of Chromatica, which is have a dance party.

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