“Love Voyage”

[English Translation]
That I the sky why decked wet tears
Why my sky total gray face
Wanderers in the world of the other side of any lonely violated over and over again
Sky paddled long miss

The world except you do not know, I love you, I give not just good friends
Each hesitantly shallow smile Do not you find I am eager to messages

Finally see open love to come back before us too hampered
Your hand did not relax would rather unpromising begged me not to leave

I miss then do not say I miss with dreaming
I miss the altercation or want to love you the urge to
I remember that year birthday also remember that song
Remember that piece of Star tight right hand warmest chest
(Who remember) who forgot

Cloudy in the room without lights
When all thoughts are little by little precipitation
Love is what is spiritual opium
Or the end of the century the boring pastime

The cigarettes heavy atmosphere into a pool of the aperture
And his photo was placed in the hand
Silly two people laugh sweet
Love along the parabola
Away from the happiness of the total land was almost
High after understanding
Earth full moon lacks illusion

We have become the world’s most familiar stranger
The respective twists and turns in the future each sad

Only blame we love so turbulent love so deep
So wake up stranded silence waved but can not return to God
If my strength the wayward will not accidentally hurt you
Can you gentle remind
Although I Xin Taiji afraid to miss you
Love takes courage to face the gossip
Crowded I can feel your heart on the palm of my hand

Our story love to love to worth wrong wrong worth
Love to the earth-shaking will result
Exhausted all effort is not for me as you did it

Although love is a kind of responsibility to give complete
Sometimes love beauty is not eternal
Love how the ecstasy of a number of wounding
If you are brave and love to be courageous points

I hope the sky is no longer covered with wet tears

Later I finally learned how to love pity you disappear in the crowd long gone
Finally, in the tears no longer understand that some people once missed

I want to be happy I want to sleep peacefully
Some people do not hold only warmth left before I should have let go do not hate
I want to be happy even laugh louder
The heart is not hot all fake
Only tears is really

[Chinese Lyrics]

我的天空 為何掛滿濕的淚
我的天空 為何總灰的臉
飄流在世界的另一邊 任寂寞侵犯一遍一遍
天空 劃著長長的思念

全世界只有你不懂我愛你 我給的不只是好朋友而已
每個欲言又止淺淺笑容裡 難道你沒發現我渴望訊息

終於看開 愛回不來 我們面前太多阻礙
你的手卻放不開 寧願沒出息 求我別離開

我懷念的是無話不說 我懷念的是一起做夢
我懷念的是爭吵以後 還是想要愛你的衝動
我記得那年生日 也記得那一首歌
記得那片星空 最緊的右手 最暖的胸口
(誰記得) 誰忘了

陰天 在不開燈的房間

香煙 氳成一灘光圈
傻傻兩個人 笑的多甜
愛沿著 拋物線
離幸福 總降落得差一點

我們變成了世上 最熟悉的 陌生人
今後各自曲折 各自悲哀

只怪 我們愛得那麼洶湧 愛得 那麼深
於是夢醒了擱淺了沉默了揮手了 卻回不了神
如果我的堅強任性 會不小心傷害了你
我雖然心太急 更害怕錯過你
愛真的需要勇氣 來面對流言蜚語
人潮擁擠我能感覺你 放在我手心裡 你的真心

我們的故事愛就愛到值得 錯也錯的值得
用盡所有力氣不是為我 那是為你才這麼做

雖然愛是種責任 給要給得完整
有時愛 美在無法永恆
愛有多銷魂 就有多傷人
你若勇敢愛了 就要勇敢分

但願天空 不再掛滿濕的淚

後來 我總算學會了如何去愛 可惜你早已遠去 消失在人海
後來 終於在眼淚中明白 有些人 一旦錯過就不再

有些人不抱了才溫暖 離開了才不恨 我早應該割捨
我要快樂 哪怕笑的再大聲
心不是熱的 全都是假的

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(楊丞琳) Rainie (為愛啟程) Love Voyage Lyrics


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