Listen here: I Do The Dash from Travis Porter.



yeah dirty the spaceship
this I ain’t in the play with
swerving going .., I do the dash
feeling that doing do nuts
what you dear so wait
hear me when I overload
i do the dash
in the ..or colors..
do the dance like..hey
ride for me, ride for live
i do the dash

..oh yeah I’m swerving
put it on the 26 not a ..serving
got the deep oh loud
to freeze with me
got one from kelly and one from his city
don’t you change, chain cost ..
black odd type of hoodie and I’m here to burn it
that’s rich to lavish living so lavish
got a pocket full of paper
got a cloud full of benz
know you’re gonna hear me riding down the street
my flatter my .. been 50 on the bitch

i’m a dog, I’m a beast
i’m a kush ..
do the home damn rock the smoke get off

[Hook:] I got I’m..
doing damage like the ..
i’ma smash I’ma..
got that old things, got that new thing
and I squash line
..coming round with my main thing
by the..from the rolling..
stopping bottle zero is she what they have
..they can .. all the bottle putting on the..


man you move to ..get aide I’ma take you to the .
passport ..all I do is dash fort
and I ain’t stopping for the people
see the A’s and ..throw the keys and mama ..
why I ..
shawty caught up in the ..
and if you wanna mama..she see it green light
yeah dirty..

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