New Religion Lyrics by Voli Feat SYOR

I never said I’m heaven sent
Benevolent or seraphim a reverend has never blessed me there’s plenty better men than just me I guess I
just met destiny and when she said I
was meant to be nothin better
I fucked her head up I said I’m fed up
I’ll never let up
and even if I never win I’m leaving as a better man the penitentiary you fence me in could never dead a mans dreams it’ll never end you must believe
And it seems that I never been who you think never fit in your measurements
I’ll never be one of you like theres two of me and
There’s a few of me your suit never suited me
My school was truancy news flash ya news caster knew jack his news wasn’t new to me its what they want you to see
So they could mold ya to what they want you to be
But you are free
Even if they lock you up you can change who they thought you was
You can be who you want because there’s no chains that can stop your thoughts there’s no cage that can lock us all there’s no way we will not be forced to go away
the only thang they can do is to stop my pulse and still my words ring thru the
Blocks we fought to find you when you think all is lost

This is my new religion
This is my new religion
A prisoner of ambition
Will anybody listen?
This is my new religion

He’s sinking deeper even more,
Amassed a pile of secrets, can’t keep them like before
They spilling out, seeping through the floors
parents seeking the cause, ain’t seen this coming, they ain’t speakin anymore
They sensed a change, they wanna intervene
but can’t seem to get close, will things ever be the same
he just wanna get ghost
packed an extra change of clothes in his coat
hit the corner, switch his gear, now he’s ready to post
he don’t relate to what his dad be talking/ he feels betrayed
feels like everything he says gets washed away
they just look the other way
more concerned with keeping up with what others say
ignored another day, he just slowly suffocates
wraps his bandana tighter
met some dudes that he admired
was inspired, they said
son, we’ll walk with you into the fire
we’ll be there with you when everyone retreats, repeat we’ll there for you when no one else can be

He told him how long waited, told them look nobodies here
He told him how far he searched, looked high looked low nobody cared
He told them bout all the pain he felt but buried deep inside
He looked into his fathers eyes and said


My brain is in the future, my heart is in the moment
I try to put my past in a coffin, can I close it?
Goin back and forth between the limbo that I live in
And the way of life I think will be the window into heaven
Or will it be my prison, solitary confinement
Meditatin, the booth is the monastery, the mind is
Is the only enemy that I have
The paranoia got me losin every friend that ive had
Slave to the dollar in this quarter life crisis, borderline lifeless
Shouldn’t even put a donor heart on my license
Ughhh im revived by the beat gimme ten seconds
See me reppin with these bars, bench pressin
Never go out, buried in my obsession
If you relate, well then you’ve inherited my religion
A lifetime of solitude, I don’t need anybody
Big change comin, im savin every penny



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